Friday, July 7, 2023

In case you've not seen or heard it - The Quilting Shed is moving to 1245 Hanwell Road - beside Davidson Food Equipment. Andrea is busily pulling things together and is opening this coming Monday .

Andrea mentioned in her newsletter this week:
"We reopen on MONDAY and yes our hours will stay the same for now - 10am to 4pm Mon thru Friday and 10-2 on Saturday. We have A/C!"

Monday, June 12, 2023

 The Final Meeting of the Year!  

Today we celebrated a very busy year that saw:

1.   donations of many quilts, quilt tops, crumb catchers and baby items

2.   completed classes with Marge and her team that produced a lot of beautiful


3.   as well as many, many of our own creations.  

Wow, we are busy and creative!!!

Our meeting also included a presentation by our fellow member, Angela LP on bag making.  After amazing us with her talents, she shared many suggestions on materials to use and where to source them.

Along with having a silent auction that included a wide variety of items, we had an amazing pot luck lunch.

First up, is the Block of the Month project started last September.  We had 4 complete finishes and one partial.

Angela LP made her quilt using only one month and a lot of snowflakes.  Following is the back of Angela's quilt showing her crane fabric.

Joan B. also showed her individual creativity including some embroidery work.  Following is her back of puppy paws.

Jennifer S. also finished her quilt that included each month being identified in embroidery

Bev M. took her BOM in a different direction by making hers a series of wall hangings that she can change out monthly.

Pauline was our final quilt in the BOM display.  Pauline plans to hand quilt her project and give it to her niece.  Lucky girl!

And last but not least, Kathy F. could not be with us today but sent a picture of her completed BOM.  

Great work, ladies.  Maybe we will see more come September.

This lovely display was followed by Angela's presentation.

Next up is our regular monthly show and tell:

Angela LP used all scraps to make both of her quilts featured below

Jennifer S made her quilt using her butterfly panel.

Bertha M. had three projects for us today - the first is her sweet heart runner that she hand quilted.  Her second is a Halloween quilt that she did at a recent retreat and her third is a bag complete with a summer flower.

You just get that "on the beach" feeling when you see the blues and greens in this quilt by Elaine M.  

Estella M. used a lot of hockey fabric in these next four quilts - all ordered by one lady.  Estella says she still has more hockey fabric but I don't imagine she's in a hurry to do another one soon.

These were one of the monthly projects Marge taught the guild this year.  Pauline is passing her thread catcher and pin cushion on to her granddaughter.

Our silent auction tables

And finally, this will be my last blog entry for the Cotton Mill Guild.  I am not returning in the fall.  As of now, no one has stepped forward to take over the blog.  If you should be interested, I will be available to turn it over and show you the ropes if you're new to blogging.  It's not hard and it doesn't take a long time.  Please contact Jennifer S. if interested.

Gloria P.

Monday, May 15, 2023

 So Many Wonderful May Projects!

Our fellow guild members brought us lots of interesting and beautiful projects to this month's meeting.  We also saw more donations of tops to the Quilts of Valour project.

First up is the May Show & Tell! 

Carla F. brought her Christmas wall hanging "Keep Christmas in Your Heart".  Following is a picture of her colourful backing.

Mary Anne M. showed us two recent finishes today - two lap quilts.  The second one she is keeping for herself in wonderful fall colours.

Liz R. attended a workshop on paper piecing and completed this "Peace Cranes over Hiroshima" 

This quilt is followed by another of Liz's completions - a scrap quilt in the "Sunshine & Shadows" pattern.

Brenda C. showed us her embroidered project - a book/toy holder that ties to the back of the front seats of the vehicle to keep little ones amused.  Each dinosaur is a pocket.  So nice to see Brenda back with us again.

Marge D. is expecting a new granddaughter and has her sheep all ready to keep her granddaughter warm.  So cute!

Traci M. has made this beauty for donation to Quilts of Valour - in the pattern 
"Trip Around the World"

Happy to see you again Evelyn.  Evelyn M. showed us her donation quilt top.  Joan B. left the project in Evelyn's capable hands before Joan skipped off on vacation.  That's what good friends are for - right? 😄

Constance H. combined crumb quilt blocks with 6" square - what a great way to use up those little bits and pieces.   Constance did hers in a truly scrappy style.

June G. always has many projects on the go and this month June has finished her table runner that she quilted herself as well as her stash busting "Sunshine & Shadows" quilt.  Keep them coming, June.  

Bertha M. is another of our very busy members and always has something new to show.  This month it's her "Square in a Square" quilt.

I believe Cecile G. loves a challenge.  Many years ago she got the finished flower portions of the nosegays and went on to add the green flower holders and finished the quilt, which is hand quilted.  Beautiful work, Cecile.

Don C. showed us two wonderful quilts he has recently finished.  Both are truly "Canadian" quilts for donation to Quilts of Valour.  Someone had thought the second one was a little too American, so Don Canadian-ized it with maple leaves and Canadian flags.  

The following are all donations to the Quilts of Valour.  Unfortunately, I do not have a donator's name for all of them.

Made by Diane K.

Made by Anita S.

Made by Marge D.

Made by Joyce N.  This started out as one large quilt and Joyce split it and made it into two.

Joyce N. also made this quilt from the leftovers of the two hexi quilts.

Pauline L. made our final quilt of the morning, using 2 1/2" strips.

I n case you've not seen or heard it - The Quilting Shed is moving to 1245 Hanwell Road - beside Davidson Food Equipment. Andrea is bus...