Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Our First Pictures for June

Here they are and what lovely work has been done.  Brenda C. has just kept on sewing and here are her latest project completions and they are beautiful blues!

First is Brenda's appliqué quilt top . She said "Lots of hand quilting here to do.  Thankfully I have almost two years to get it done for a 10th anniversary."

Brenda's other quilt is such a cutie and what a lovely gift for some little one.  She says this one is for her church's “new baby” mission project.

Great work, Brenda and thank you for sending.  I'd love to post more if anyone has some they'd like to forward.

Friday, May 21, 2021

Busy Bees at Work!

A small group of the Cotton Mill ladies have banded together to get some sewing done and to also produce a large bundle of charity items for donation.  Following is the story we received from Angela L.P. along with some pics of the busy bees at work.  

"We are a small group of sewers who meet on Monday’s to sew together   This social sewing group has been a big factor in keeping us healthy during Covid.  When our zone is in yellow, we pack up our small tables and set up separated but together at  each others homes. With the advancing season, one member is very engaged with summer properties and grandchildren. 

The last two Monday’s were filled with sewing bibs and blankets. We have a total of 69 bibs and 20 blankets. In the fall we can do some of the bags. A few more bibs in the works too   We were able to use items from the guild and flannel stash from our collections too. Great way to make room for fresh new pieces. 
Linda W, Charline W, Rhoda F, Angela L-P."

Good work, ladies.  What a wonderful way to keep your sanity intact during these stressful times.  The charity items are sure to be appreciated.

Monday, May 17, 2021

A Fond Farewell

Kathy F. has forwarded photos of beautiful blue batik placements which are a gift for someone going away.  

Kathy said "Our neighbours are moving. 😞 I made placemats for their new home in Bathurst to remember us by. A fun and easy pattern. "

So sad to lose great neighbours but what a wonderful gift to see them off.  

Awesome job, Kathy.  Love the fabrics.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

 International Ladies!

Jennifer S. has some international ladies to show us today that she has sewn and quilted.  And I spot some fancy stitching along the edge.  These are so cute and look fun to make.

Nice job, Jennifer.  Love the red.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Spring Brings New Flowers and New Babies

Being a fan of the outside when the weather is not extreme, I keep telling myself that these rainy days bring all kinds of new flowers, green grass, new leaves for shade for the hot days of summer -  and - mostly are really good days for sewing and quilting.  

Lucy B. has been busy finishing up her baby quilt - and what a beauty!  Lucy said this is a gift for a drop-in baby shower she is attending.  Some little one is a very lucky baby to receive a lovely and cozy gift.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

 Ah, The Outdoor Life

Spring has sprung, the grass is greener and I'm darn tired of being a cleaner.  So outside we go - and that is what Barb E. did with her latest quilt.  

The outdoor life abounds with this piece and glad to see Barb has included some protection to keep her safe from the critters.

Barb said "Everything was done on my domestic sewing machine.  The other side is Bento Box, created by my sister. This binding is all the fabrics she used."

Very cozy looking, Barb!  Perfect for the cabin life.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

And There's Even More!

Estella M. has sent us of another beautiful quilt.  

Estella said "This pattern is similar to the ‘one block wonder’ method but with 4 repeats instead of 6."

Very pretty!  

If anyone has more projects to show, please forward.  Love to post them!

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

 Spring Delivery of Photos

Estella M. has just not stopped!  Here she is again with three more wonderful creations and a stash that has got to be smaller.

Estella said "I discovered a container of 1/2 square triangles left over from a quilt I made awhile ago.  This is what I have done with them.   Fun projects."

Wow, Estella, that's a lot of triangles and an awesome way to use them.

Happy spring and happy sewing, everyone,

Gloria P.

Monday, March 29, 2021

More Easter Bunnies

Brenda C. has bunnies for Easter.  She did her pillow bunnies in reverse applique.  How cute!

Love all the colours of the Easter projects - so happy.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

The Last Works of a Wonderful Quilter and Guild Member

The recent loss of our fellow quilter, Judy C., has left a hole in our Guild.   Not only did Judy share her beautiful work with us, she also gave us her time as our librarian.  

Today, I received the following email and pics from her friend, Jennifer G.

"Here are two of Judy’s quilts that she had worked on just before she died. The blue/turquoise one is her Pineapple quilt. I think it looks like lanterns floating in a night sky, but Judy insisted that it be called “Pineapple”!

The other is a Blooming Nine Patch. It is rather mesmerizing to look at and see how the patches evolve from the center. 

Judy had an excellent eye for both patterns and fabrics! 

On the Blooming Nine Patch, Judy had put the binding on, and I did the hand sewing. It took Amy, Judy’s daughter,  and me about 30 minutes to find the fabric for the Pineapple quilt binding, which I then made and sewed on. Fun times!"

Lovely work by a lovely lady.  Thank you to Jennifer for forwarding these.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Marching through March and I made a big boo boo

I credited Kathy F. with the lovely bunny pillow but it is actually Jennifer S.'s bunnies.  Sorry for the confusion and my apologies to Jennifer.

So those nice days this past week were probably just a tease but they did make it harder to concentrate on inside activities.  Despite this, Jennifer S. and Estella M. do have completed projects to show.

Estella has a beautiful bright quilt.  Estella said "Quilt is done using 4 repeats of fabric for making the center blocks and then expanding from there.  It was finished up using the ‘fun and done’ method’,  no hand stitch at all.   Was a fun project as I played with different stitches."

Jennifer was in Easter mode when she used one of this month's program patterns.  What a cute pillow!  Love the colours and the bunny tails.   

Are there more out there to see?

Great work girls!  Hope to see more soon.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Good Info to Have

I was just on The Fabric Cupboard blog and note they have added a "Measurements Sheets" section which holds a host of great information that we quilters often reference, all in one easy to get to spot.  The blog is at thefabriccupboard.com  These sheets are in pdf format so they are easy to print.

 They have included things as:

-10 ways to cut a fat quarter

-Half square triangle chart

-How to cut a fat quarter into pre-cuts

-5 needles every quilter should have

-Thread guestimator

-Fractions to decimals

-Yards to inches

-Mattress sizes

Happy sewing,

Gloria P

Monday, March 8, 2021

The Easter Parade Is Starting

The Easter designs are arriving and hopefully we will see many more before Easter is over. 

Leading the parade today is Janice W and her silhouette bunnies and butterflies.  They are so cute!   Although not mentioned in her email, I'm going to guess that Janice has quilted these herself.

Hopefully more will arrive soon!

Saturday, February 27, 2021

And This is What It Looks Like

Earlier this week, Kathy emailed Guild members a pattern from Jennifer for a Carpenters Wheel.  Brenda C.  did one of these wheels last year with a bigger sized block.  For those who have not made this pattern, this photo is being re-posted to give you an idea of what this pattern looks like in colour.

This is so pretty.  I also did this version of this a couple years ago and really enjoyed the process.  It's an easy pattern with so many variations possible.

I just went back through a few years of our blog to see if there were more examples - what a wonderful trip down memory lane.  So many wonderful and attractive projects.  Give yourselves a pat on the back for such beautiful work.  

I have noticed that we have a lot of shy people who do wonderful work who haven't shared their recent completions.  Please do, we'd all love to see them.  

Hoping to see lots of Carpenter's Wheels in the future.

Happy Sewing,
Gloria P.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Another Trinket Bag Completed

Joanne B. has just completed her trinket bag and love the fabrics she has chosen.  

This is such a great opportunity to use the very last little bits of your favorite fabrics or to fussy cut pieces to centre in each little block or to turn it into an "I Spy" bag for a favorite little one to store their treasures.

Congrats on a beautiful finish, Joanne.

Back At It!

Jennifer S. is at it again with more quilts for Quilts of Valour and a St. Patrick's pillow to boot.   After so many lovely quilts made this winter, there can't be a scrap of fabric left in Jennifer's house.  Once we're open to travel again there just may be a smoke streak following Jennifer down the road to the quilt shops.

The heart in the middle of the black and white quilt really pops and love the flags in the red one.  Keep up the good work,Jennifer.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Creative Completions Are Here!

Estella M. has been busy and here are the results.  

Estella said "This is what I have been doing to pass the time.  One is a T-shirt quilt made for our daughter for Christmas.  The other is one I made by watching a Jennie Sloan video."

Someone's daughter is a fan of the Hardrock Cafe!  Love it.

Very pretty, Estella.  The aquas are gorgeous.

Thanks so much for forwarding.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

This Month's Projects

As part of  the monthly projects emailed to our members by Brenda C. and Angela L.P., Brenda C. has forwarded photos of her finished projects for this month.

This is her "trinket bag" project that was sent out last week. Love the foodie fabrics for this bag - wonder what Brenda will store in here?  Makes me hungry just looking at it.

And here is Brenda's leprechaun hat and shamrock, all ready for St. Patrick's Day.  

Can't wait to see more projects.  Keep them coming.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Gee Whiz, There Has To Be Smoke Rolling Off Jennifer S.'s Sewing Machine

Jennifer has been one busy lady.  Here are four more of her quilts for Quilts of Valour and they are beautiful.   The lovely quilting was provided by Joan B and Evelyn M.

I think Jennifer will certainly be ready for a trip to the quilt shops once things are more open.

Monday, February 15, 2021

Our First Look At One of This Month's Projects & A Cute Critter

Angela has sent us her trinket bag project and what a cute bag!  Love the patchwork and the coordinated happy interior.  This little bag could be used for so many things.

And here's another of Angela's animal creations - a friend for her cow, Miss Moo.

These are both great projects and cant' wait to see more finishes.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

 Old and New to Share

Angela L.P. has sent us the following combination of "new" that she has made and "old" made by her Gram.

Angela said "The bed scarf is placed over some pillows so I could photograph it in landscape mode. The quilt under it was made by my grandmother and given to me in 1980.  All her templates were from food boxes. She quilted on a frame in her living room. 

Instructions for the bed scarf at from Stitch From The Heart.  There is a snail in the fern with the tulips. It’s a fun piece to make with the scale differences all telling their story .

Then there’s my cow, Kathy named it Moo. A Tilda design. With any luck I’ll have another creature done today."

These are just the cutest!  Great work, Angela.  Can't wait to see the next one. The quilt made by your grandmother sure is a keeper to be treasured.

I remember my mother saving select pieces of cardboard for quilt templates.  As a teenager I'd help her by carefully tracing around them for her to cut. Does anyone remember the name of the farm paper that used to come that had a large classified ads section?  You could buy livestock, machinery, and even find a husband.  My mother used to order bags of fabric pieces "suitable for quilting" that appeared to come from a clothing manufacturer.  Some were more suitable than others.  She ordered patterns from "The Family Herald" but this other paper came after this one.

Happy sewing everyone,
Gloria P.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

It Appears We're on a Roll for Valentines

Okay, maybe only some of us are - and Mary W. is one of them.  This picture of two pillows and 3 runners from Mary just landed in my in box for posting and she mentioned she did two more runners that didn't make it to picture taking time.  Awesome, Mary, they're lovely!

Keep those photos coming everyone - we all love to see what others are making.

Happy Sewing,

Gloria P.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

 All the Hearts are coming at once

Another "I Heart You" runner just arrived.  June G. hasn't quilted her runner yet but wanted to share it before Valentine's Day arrives.  

Very pretty, June.  Can't wait to see it finished.  Love the fabric in the big heart - reminds me of a romantic card.

Our First Pictures for June Here they are and what lovely work has been done.   Brenda C. has just kept on sewing and here are her latest pr...