Saturday, March 23, 2019

Bag Project for April

Many of you picked up a copy of a bag project Angela will assist with finishing at guild meeting in April. Others of you will follow the link in email or blog.

Here's the short story. The outside of the bag needs 2 pieces 18" square. Think about orphan blocks in your collection. Build them up to 18" or just use yardage to cut to the size. Think regular cottons, home décor fabrics or something you want to upcycle. Be creative. It could be a suit coat, wool, denim.

Adhere interfacing to the pieces to make them stable and stiffen them. Add a layer of batting if you wish. Anything goes. Your bag will stand up better. .

Adding thread (stitches) adds great structure to the fabric. Stitch cross hatching, free motion designs, embroidery, stitch in the ditch. Have fun. Use your quilting skills. Preparing those exterior pieces prior to guild will allow you time to finish your bag at the meeting.
The interior, lining, also needs 18" squares. In the samples shown at guilt meeting, interfacing was also applied to the lining.

Should you want a loose sac style, leave out the interfacing.

Review the instructions for the other pieces to cut for the bag. One of the samples had an interior pocket, That is an add on but easily done. Bring the remains of the fabrics you are using should you want help preparing a pocket.


Friday, March 22, 2019


 BABY (tiny and bigger) BLANKETS  and

BLANKETS FOR TINY BABIES at the Dr Everett Chalmers Hospital

1. Use 3 layers of cotton Flannelette, cotton thread with minimal sewing and quilting. Nothing polyester is to be used.
Cut fabric 24 inches long X WOF(width of fabric). Leave the outside prettiest fabric as 1 large piece(24 in. X WOF). Fold right sides together. Cut inside layer of flannelette 24 in. long X 22 inches wide(half the width of fabric) . Place it on the wrong side of other fabric.

One side is a fold and does not need to be sewn. Sew the other 3 sides with ¼ inch seam, leaving an opening. Trim corners, press seams with iron, turn. Stitch opening (by machine or hand)
Topstitch 3/8 inch all around the edges.  Quilt about 6 inches from all edges in a rectangular shape. Mark corners of quilting lines and estimate the lines to sew. 
2. If you are working with 3 separate layers of fabric, cut each 24 inches X 22 Inches. Fold the pretty ones right sides together and lay the third layer on the wrong side. Then sew 4 sides together leaving opening to turn. Trim corners; Press; Turn inside out; Close opening and topstitch.  Quilt 6 inches from edges.


These blankets can be made: 1.use fleece for a backing(and does not need batting) and flannelete for top layer.; 2. use 3 layers of flannelette; 3. two layers of flannelette and 1 layer of batting.    You can use a solid piece of fabric or pieces to form a design of blocks or strips. You can quilt more lines. You can use batting- polyester and/or cotton. 

Cut pieces 24 in. X 22 inches.   Sew, leaving opening.  Trim corners, turn. Press. Close opening and topstitch.  Quilt.


Get a pattern from Community Projects Co-ordinator.  You need 32 inches X WOF(width of fabric) of cotton  fabric to make 1 full length bib.  It is nice to use 2 different fabrics to make it reversible.  IF you have 15 inches of fabric you can attach a hand towel to make a terry bib.    Buy hand towels at places like Value Village.   
To cut 2 bibs at the same time:  Fold 40 inch fabric with selvages together. Press the fold. Place it on the selvages. Place pattern on the folds. Cut.

With right sides together, sew  ¼ Inch seam around bib, leaving opening to turn. Clip seam allowances on all the curves, Turn; Press; Stitch opening closed(by machine or handstitching) Topstitch 3/8 inch from edges. 

For bibs with towels, use top part of pattern to cut 2 layers of fabric. Follow above instructions, leaving lower edge open. Sew towel to this open edge, to one layer of fabric, right sides together. Fold 2nd layer of fabric over this seam line and topstitch the whole bib.    


Start with a baby blanket- 24 in X 22 inches, using polar fleece or flannelette on bottom so it will stick to the clothing and not slide off  the lap.   The top layer can be 1 fabric or several (like patch work design).  Attach objects that won’t hurt anyone that can be washed in a washing machine. Use zig-zag stitch to sew cording etc.  to blanket. Attach textured objects; fasteners like small zippers, buttons, snaps. Attach long shoelaces at 2 back corners so this blanket can be tied to wheelchair etc. and not fall on floor. 

These are also called fidget blankets and can be aprons with things attached.  We donate these to Alzheimers Unit, although people of all ages and problems can use them.

Barb Elliott 
Community Projects Co-ordinator,  2018-19

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

March 2019 Show and Tell CMQG

   The March meeting was held on March 18th at the Heritage Centre in Fredericton.  A big thank you to Bertha M and Dianne K who supplied me (in my absence) with names and photos of members who participated in this month's Show and Tell.

 Show and Tell

Beautiful colourful quilt made for daughter!

Back made from fabric from Avonport NS, the quilters' Mecca.😉

Joan B shows her embroidered Springtime runner

June shows the Apple comfort quilt she quilted for her friend. Her friend and her Mom made the top. June finished it as a surprise!

Judy D shows her sweet baby quilt

Don C shows his Chocolate moda quilt
Don's animal quilt-great way to display fabric that he had.
Don has a little discussion

quilt backing by Don C

Don C's lovely Bird quilt 

close up, have a look

Theresa G's Prrecious Stone quilt

Theresa talks about her homespun scrappy quilt are 2 Drunkard's Path table toppers of Theresa's.

Joyce N inserted a tree onto her scrappy strip quilt

Joyce added a centre insert to her scrappy strip quilt.

Diagnol strip pieced squares with b/w pieced sashing

closeup-thanks Joyce

Hope that you can see the interesting backing fabrics

Here is Joyce with her striking chain link quilt 

with gorgeous machine quilting 

Joyce 's pin cushion  and  thread catcher house design!

Ann C shows off  her tulip table runner quilt as you go design

with a lovely baking Ann!

That's all for this month folks!
Kathy F

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

February 2019 CMQG

The February meeting was held Monday Feb 18th at 9am, with Jennifer S., our Coordinator, chairing.  There were ~55 members in attendance.
The business part of the meeting was quick with discussion from the Charity chair, Block Lotto and Workshop groups. Then we went onward to Show and Tell.

Block Lotto

The Block Lotto instructions will be forwarded to Evelyn Mac by the committee and Evelyn will send them to each member via email. 

Workshop Group

Marj and Jennifer are demonstrating/did demonstrate 1) squaring up a block and 2) finishing off a quilt binding in today's "workshop".  Topics of interest to all!

Show and Tell

Gloria's stunning Star Quilt

Gloria shows off her baby quilts!

Barb E discusses how she put together and quilted this quilt for a special friend.

Barb explaining how she coordinated the front and back of the quilt.

Pauline L's scrappy Garden Delinght

Pauline's lovely border for Garden Delight

Pauline also made these 2 heart runners for Feb ❤️

AND...Pauline shows her 3 snowman runners and her Prunkard's Path table topper

Beautiful scrappy heart quilt for a friend,

And lovely muted colour rag quilt!

Alta F finished her stunning Stack and Whack


Here is Alta's whole quilt!
Brenda C made a 5 heart Valentine's Day runner.  She also showed us her Quilty Box gifts for January and February .

Cecile made this Girls in Attic Window quilt
Cecile's girls with fabulous quilting by Janet Spurrell

Bertha M shows her Drunkard Path table topper

Dianne K made 3 different microwave bowls

Pretty bowl close-up of Dianne's bowls

Joyce went on a 5 day retreat with ECQG

Quilt 2, Scrappy quilt for Victoria Quilt by Joyce

Quilt 3, Batik Chain Link pattern by Joyce

Quilt 4, Plaid Chain Link patterned quilt by Joyce

Joyce shows a "find" at a thrift store- very unique!

That is all for this month's meeting information.  See you in March!
Kathy F.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

January 2019 Cottonmill Quilt Guild

Our January meeting was held a week "late" due to our NB weather that prevented the meeting happening on our scheduled Monday last week. Jennifer did a great job chairing the meeting and we heard from each group leader.  There were 50ish people in attendance.

Marj D taught a Drunkard's Path class following the meeting.


Here are the blocks that were turned in this month.  Next month's block is a another red and white, this time a heart (for February's Valentine's Day I would guess) block, and is very pretty.

Here is the new Block Lotto block:

The directions for this block by Marj D. will be sent by Evelyn in the near future.


We had another successful show and tell by our members...

Beautifully put together log cabin quilt top.

Carolyn C's bright and colourful String Quilt!

Anne's lovely Table Topper

Brenda C Churn Dash from Block Lotto put on point!

Pauline L has been busy and with the help of her 3year old granddaughter made this top

Pauline L's sweet quilt

Another one by Pauline!

Cecile's gorgeous Pineapple Quilt

Cecile explaining her scrappy Pineapple Quilt from Joan B's class.

Judy C's Xs and Os quilt

Now can you see Judy's Xs and Os?

Jennifer S's lovely Hunter's Star!

Maureen M's CAR Zig Zag quilt for her grandson who loves cars.

Joyce's amazing personal, thoughtful Maze Quilt for a wedding gift. 

closer photo

Both of the couple are musical, here is a quilted treble clef!

Vintage linen piece

Joyce explaining how easy it is to produce this beautiful vintage linen. :)


Wondered how to make houses? Welcome to ScrapTown, a class being held Wednesday Feb 20th from  9-1pm at the Ville.
Here are some samples that Joyce made for her class with Angela.  Do sign up with Joyce or Angela if you are interested in this fun class.

Thant is all for this month folks.
See you in February.

Bag Project for April Many of you picked up a copy of a bag project Angela will assist with finishing at guild meeting in April. Others...