Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Cottonmill Quilt Guild meeting, May 2019

This month's meeting was chaired by Joan B. Thanks to Joan for capably substituting in Jennifer’s sad situation.

We all were saddened to hear of the death of our Coordinator Jennifer S's Mom.  Our sincere condolences to Jennifer and her family.

As well, we had a moment of silence for Louise Moore, a long standing CMQG member who died last Thursday.  In her kindness, Louise left her quilting goods to us at CMQG. Thank you Louise and Cecile who transported everything.

There were reports from Library, we are still missing the WALK book that was new to our library.  (PLEASE return this fabulous book).
Also reports also from Charity, Programs, Block Lotto, Workshop and Registration committees which will be reported on by Dianne K in our minutes next month.

The new Block Lotto is the maple leaf, to be done on a white or cream background in any life like leaf colour that you desire.

Show and Tell:

This is our Block Lotto for the month of June.  The directions will be emailed.

Beautiful Pineapple Quilt shown by Theresa G

A closeup of Theresa's work

Carolyn explains her Quatrefoil with Daisies quilt

A little closer for Carolyn's quilt

Carolyn's colourful cat quilt

Carolyn and her kitty quilt

Estella Mac's amazing "Game of Thrones quilt

Special ballerina quilt for her Grandchild

Estella show her ballerina shams to match the quilt above!

And of course ...one for dolly.😊

The gals and their bags! (from our last workday!) 

Angela explains the flower she made from cut off corners of the bag...who knew!!??

Liz R's Monkey quilt for her grandson

And...isn't it great to move to a big boy bed and have a quilt like this!

Cecile G's red and white Jacob's Ladder Quilt!

So pretty Cecile.

Joan B made a runner in and afternoon.

Pretty border print fabric Joan.

With leftovers, Joan made a table topper

Brenda's gorgeous hand made Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt!

note the borders on this hand quilted beauty.

Kathy F's Black and White and colourful all over Mystery Quilt from ECQG  patterns.

Joyce N's amazing Harris tweed bags on the left and beauties on the right

Closer of the colourful quilted purse of Joyce's!

Here we have the setting for the Wine Bottle Workday pattern set up by Joan as per JenniferS's instruction and samples.

The workshop/workday was well attended and I expect to see many of these in the future!
Great work Jennifer! (and Joan!)
See you in June,
Kathy F

Monday, April 15, 2019

CMQG April 2019 Meeting


    CMQG had a very productive meeting this morning with Jennifer S,  our Co-ordinator leading it, and  50+ members in attendance. Dianne K read last month's minutes.
   There were a variety of quick topics discussed, including the Block Lotto for next month as seen here:


Margie C and Jennifer S also discussed next month's wine-bottle runner workshop.  Jennifer brought several examples of runner size:

on the Dias is a longer wine bottle runner

 Great job, thank you Jennifer.

Also of mention is the springtime Block Lotto quilt hanging behind Jennifer!

We have a couple of gals who consistently win at our Guild meetings.  Mary won again this month, so I snapped her gleeful picture!

Time now for SHOW and TELL!

Kathy F just finished and sent away 2 I Spy quilts

one for a boy in Enfield NS

and...one for a girl in Halifax NS

Interesting bag corners discussed by Barb.

Showing a variety of machine quilting  on her new bags



Brenda has finished one of 5 Flip Flop quilts that she is making

Perfect FlipFlop border fabric!

Brenda's bright and sunny table topper

Marianne M put together the emroidery blocks of a friend with dementia

In friend's honour and to keep the blocks together.

Mary W's first win...the X Block Lotto!

Othella's scrappy cancer quilt

and another cancer quilt

Bag made while in Florida

June finished her beautiful quilt

closer photo

Hand quilted back shown done by Burtt's Corner church ladies

Charline's provincial flowers quilt.

Newfoundland provincial flower.

NB provincial flower.

Don C has been busy again with panels

He relies on his wife Ann as his colour consultant

Paula's Saint Pat's runner

Paula used embroidery stitch #20 on her machine rather than a quilting stitch.
Thats all for this month folks,
Kathy F

Cottonmill Quilt Guild meeting, May 2019

This month's meeting was chaired by Joan B. Thanks to Joan for capably substituting in Jennifer’s sad situation. We all were saddened...